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WDNR Sets New Bag Limits for Round Lake


The WDNR passed a proposal to modify walleye regulations on Round Lake. Under the new proposal, there will be a 3 daily bag limit for walleye on Round Lake (and all other lakes in the area) every year. To accomplish this, the WDNR is putting more protection on larger female walleye. So the new regulation is a 15 inch minimum length limit (same as before) but no harvest of walleye 20-24 inches and only 1 over 24 inches.

This is a solid regulation for several reasons. It protects a vulnerable part of the population and it brings some consistency to our bag limits. This is scheduled to go into effect THIS YEAR. New signs are being posted to reflect the change.

COMING IN 2016 - The Conservation Congress Hearings were held last week and the Round Lake reduced panfish bag limits were supported by wide margins. So NEXT YEAR, we will have that reduced bag limit for panfish, no length limit for largemouth, and an 18 inch length limit and 1 daily bag limit for smallmouth.

WDNR Cisco (Coregonus artedi) and lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) Survey


Since 2011 Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Research has been conducting a comprehensive survey of the inland lakes believed to hold cisco or lake whitefish. This survey is now complete and a summary of the findings and conclusions can be found here. You may contact contact John Lyons, Ph.D. Fisheries Research Supervisor, Southern Wisconsin Fisheries Research Team, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ( if you have any questions.

Special Fishing Regulation Proposal


Proposed Regulation: Remove the minimum length limit for largemouth bass on five lakes that comprise two chains (Lac Courte Oreilles and Round) in Sawyer County; and concurrently apply a 18-inch minimum length limit with daily bag limit of 1 to smallmouth bass on those waters. Read the full proposal here.

Kids catch over 300 fish during Youth Muskie Hunt

Fish Caught Fish Caught Group Photo

For 3 days leading into the 2014 Father's Day weekend, over 50 kids (boys & girls ages 6-17) and their families participated in a Youth Muskie Hunt on Round Lake in Hayward Wisconsin. The kids caught over 300 fish including Northern Pike, Small-mouth & Large-mouth Bass, Walleye, and of course, the Muskie. Eric Reinemann of Round Lake, took the 1st Place "Grand Champion" award home with an astonishing 500+ inches of fish caught in just 2.5 days.

Click here for more...

2014 Youth Muskie Hunt Update!

Listed below are the winning categories for the upcoming Youth Muskie Hunt. I have also listed the guidelines for the contest. This is not an official tournament so we're all on the honor system here. Two things are required though and that's a measurement and picture of your catch. There are 16 trophies out there and I have attached a picture of them for everyone to ponder. Talk about a dream come true for some lucky young anglers. The trophies are already in Hayward and ready to be handed out - Good luck to the kids!

2014 Trophies

Keep in mind, we will have several of the best fisherman in all of Hayward as guides including Chuck DiVito, Daryl Neibauer, Larry Ramsell and John Myhre in our group. Diana Nuyttens is also in the guide mix here and so is Brian Corcoran who are well known for producing some winning fish for the kids. These guides are always willing to share information so feel free to seek them out and ask questions throughout the event.

First, White's & Silver's can be hot on Round Lake both in terms of stick baits, spinner baits and buck-tails. I like Silver & Black too. If you see an white lure with some silver on it that looks like a beef sandwich, then buy it and bring it. I've been fishing on this lake since I was 4 years old, and if I had to pick one thing to fish with for bass, it would be plastics like a worm or power lizard in the 6-7 inch range. Purple, black and pumpkin-seed colors have worked well over the years rigged "Texas" style. Round is a very deep clear water lake so fish down in that 10-15 foot range for best results. You may pick up fish early in the am or as the sun sets in the shallows but for the most part, stay a little deeper.

I'm a big fan of healthy competition. But, I don't want to get carried away with rules & regulations so let's throw down 3 basic guidelines and work within them.

  1. This event is characterized as a youth Muskie hunt but it's really open to all species. On the Muskie & Northern side of things, the longest fish wins. This goes for bass as well. So, make sure you measure and log every fish.
  2. Please log the EXACT time you caught your fish. In the event of a tie, the first fish caught wins the tie. The first fish caught becomes the leader and must be beat by at least 1/4 inch. Once a fish is caught, measured and logged, that fish becomes the fish to beat. Therefore, if someone catches a 42 incher on Thursday, you'll need to catch a 42 1/4 afterwards to put yourself in the 1st place position. Again, fish must be at least 1/4 inch larger incrementally to advance your position. Fish must be measured. (DO NOT weigh your fish as it puts too much stress on them.) If you get length and girth, we have a weight formula. The winning Muskie or Northern will be based solely on LENGTH.
  3. If you want to participate in the Big Fish Pool (optional), the pool does NOT apply to alternate species; it applies to Muskie & Northern only. There will be a 1st & 2nd place for this.

NOTE: A PICTURE MUST BE TAKEN of the fish to qualify. Keep your camera's at the ready. Try your best to capture video if you can. Video is not required but do your best to get some.

HAND-OFF's from a parent or guide ARE acceptable. The key here, is the child must be the person to bring in the fish. It's a team effort netting and everything else, but to win, the child must bring the fish in.

That's about it. There is a rules committee in case something unusual comes up but we generally don't have any issues.

One last item, we like to use VHF Marine radios to monitor everyone and also to use in the event of an emergency. We utilize Channel-7. If you have a VHF Radio please bring it.

Feel free to call me or email ANY questions.

Kevin Bushnick
Youth Conservation Alliance
Phone: 847.987.3622

2014 Youth Muskie Hunt On Round Lake in Hayward!

Youth Fisher-boys & Fisher-girls of the YCA!

This year, the Youth Conservation Alliance plans to hold their summer (JUNE) Youth Muskie Hunt on Round Lake, in Hayward Wisconsin. This is home of the original Famous Dave's Restaurant and also one of the only lakes in Hayward that has it's own full service Marina with premium gas! This program is being made possible by the YCA, Muskies Inc. and the Round Lake Property Owners Association.

Round Lake is a huge body of water (roughly the size of Lake Geneva) and is crystal clear pristine water with some of the most beautifully marked fish you'll ever see. Round Lake is also considered a "world-class" Small-mouth fishery and many believe the next world record Small-mouth Bass may come from this lake. This fishing event will be not only for Muskie, but for Northern Pike & Small-mouth bass as well. Live and artificial bait can be used. Trolling is permitted.

This event will 100% family oriented.

The YCA Command-Center will be set-up at Timber Trail Lodge on Big Round Lake; rentals are available at Timber Trail Lodge and also at the Grand Pines Resort which has rentals on Big Round & Little Round Lake (connected)...

EVENT DATES ARE June 12, 13, 14 (Father's Day Weekend)...

Click on the YCA Events Page here and select the 2014 JUNE Hayward Youth Muskie Hunt to see all the details of the event.

Major Event Sponsors include: Retreat Home Furnishings, Wildwood Mfg. in Hayward and Custom-X Lures.