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Lake Level Readings

Jim Kron | Published on 8/10/2020

Lake Level Readings Explained....2020

Some visitors after viewing the lake level readings on our website have wondered what the numbers mean and how do they relate to their property.

Common questions like “is the lake level high or low?”,  “what is the normal level?”, “it seems lower than last  year”, etc. 

The summary of data posted on our main page dates back to Aug. 2018.

The following summary of data from Aug. 2018, Aug. 2019, and a recent reading taken on 8/6/2020 hopefully will provide you with some basic information so that you may form a conclusion and answer for yourself some of the common questions raised. 

The lake reading on 8/6/2020 was 1,345.86 ft. Above sea level.

1. We are 1.92” lower than 2019 same date.
2. We are 1.08” higher than 2018 same date.
3. We are 1.92” lower since the new concrete culvert was installed at Carlson Rd. the first week of Dec. 2019.

If you have additional questions you would like answers - please submit them to and we will be happy to get the answers posted!  Enjoy the lake!

Jim Kron RLPOA Water Safety Chairman