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20221218 Warning - Round Lake Ice Conditions

Daniel Kollodge | Published on 12/18/2022
Hello RLPOA Members,
I'm sending you this Email to provide you with an update on recent weather events and lake ice conditions.  The Round Lake area had 14-16 inches of snow accompanied by rain prior to the storm transitioning to snow.  It was very wet, which made it a 'cardiac killer event' kind of snow.  There was widespread power outages throughout the area, with some people still without power at this time.  Welcome to winter.
Round and Little Round lake ice is NOT SAFE at this time.  Round Lake only froze up a week or two ago and with the heavy snow acting as insulation ice will not be accumulating very fast, even with the Arctic blast that is headed our way.  In addition to the questionable ice, the heavy snow has pushed the ice down and there is 4 to 6 inches of water on top of it.  I was just on Little Round Lake with a tracked ATV and the water/slush made it very difficult to move about.  Wheeled ATVs and snowmobiles will get stuck on the lake.
The snowmobile clubs are doing the best they can to remove downed trees from the trails in preparation for the season.  Every club needs help with this task.  If you can help, please contact a club or look for information on their website.  Club members performing this work are volunteers and there never is enough help when a storm like this past one strikes.
On a bright spot, the massive snow allowed for some impressive photo opportunities.  The heavy water content made the snow glow a blue color.  If you have photos to share, please send them to
Have a great holiday season and please be careful on the ice.
Daniel Kollodge
RLPOA President

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