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Virtual Holiday PopUp Share-2022 Entries

Photo from Mary Seitz - 2022-12-20

Have any holiday photos to share! Send them in and we will get them posted here!


DINE AROUND UPDATE....Coming person....more info will be posted in April - can't wait to see everyone again!


Joan Buehrle, 

Social Committee of Round Lakes Property Owners

Round Lake Property Owners Dine Around

RLPOA Dine Arounds are a social event for members and guests hosted by RLPOA Members. They are held nearly monthly, and scheduled to vary the day of the week and the venue to provide opportunities for members to attend. For the current schedule of Dine Around events, please see the Event Calendar tab on this website.  In addition, we send Dine Around announcements to all members with email addresses.

Social Page Content Owner

Joan Buehrle, RLPLO Vice President and Social Committee Chair

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Virtual Holiday Entries for 2020


2020 Entries in order of below views/row:


Paul Heidecker   Kevin Bushnick   Marty Hanson

Marty Hanson     Marty Hanson     Ruth Pauly

Terri Lehman

Terri Lehman      Terri Lehman

Terri Lehman      Jim Kron 

2020 Virtual Holiday

Joan Buehrle

Joan has served on the board for about 10 years. Her family has been on the lake since 1976 when her husband built their cottage. Over the years, they have acquired many memories of their children growing up and enjoying various activities on the lake.  Those children are now are creating new memories with their children on Round Lakes.


In Joan's professional life, she worked with students, families, teachers, local and state agencies to address various challenges related to proving effective education.


As a board member she functions as an effective member of the team that sometimes agrees to disagree as they work together to address the unique challenges our lake association encounters.


Since first being elected to the board, she has served as the social chairman. With consistent support from the social committee, she is responsible for our Dine Around program, running the fundraising 50/50 raffles at public gatherings, and providing support at various board activities, such as our annual meeting and Round Lakes picnics. Joan also files our annual report and procures our annual raffle license.


Joan's goal as a. member of the board is to continue the activities that she has been involved in as soon we are able to increase our socialization. She also wants to continue to serve as an active member of the board to address challenges that we inevitably face. Her overall goal is to increase communication among property owners and to develop a sense of community focused on promoting and protecting our beautiful Round Lakes.