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DINE AROUND UPDATE....While we would all enjoy getting together and renewing connections with our Round Lakes folks, we need to hold off holding any Dine Around events for the summer.  It is likely that this will continue into the Fall as well.  

When it seems safer to bring our group together, I will be contacting hosts and lining up a get together.  At that time an invitation will be sent to all people who have provided us with their email address and an update will also be posted to the website.


I hope that you are all able to enjoy time in our "paradise" this summer.  Best wishes to each of you for a safe and healthy summer.  


Joan Buehrle, 

Social Committee of Round Lakes Property Owners

Round Lake Property Owners Dine Around

RLPOA Dine Arounds are a social event for members and guests hosted by RLPOA Members. They are held nearly monthly, and scheduled to vary the day of the week and the venue to provide opportunities for members to attend. For the current schedule of Dine Around events, please see the Event Calendar tab on this website.  In addition, we send Dine Around announcements to all members with email addresses.