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****  Store is NOW Closed****

We are partnering again with Hidden Bay Graphics to host a RLPOA store that took orders through November 5th. 


Please check out the store today at the following link:

if link does not work, copy and paste into your internet browser or use the above button.


Store Details:


1)  The online store is only open to November 5.

2)  Items in the online store include tshirts and sweatshirts for adults and children (look for the item with “Youth), partial zip pullovers for men and ladies, full zip sweatshirt, plus baseball caps, packable puffy vests, wearable blanket, knit hats, and blanket.

3)  The store operates like most online stores, so click away and have fun shopping. The items as well as the color and sizes that are available are listed.  Size charts available.

4)  When done shopping, click on View Cart, then Proceed to Secure Checkout. Two delivery options: 

1) Pick up at Hidden Bay Graphics (M-F, during business hours) or
2) USPS Shipping (fees apply). Follow online instructions to pay online with your credit card*.

5)  Once the online store closes on November 5, Hidden Bay will order the merchandise and apply our logo. Orders for pickup and shipping will begin 12/1/21. 

6)  If you have questions about website or product, contact

Tami Rusch
Hidden Bay Graphics

*Note: Payment by credit card is due at time of purchase.  The charge on your statement will show Hidden Bay Graphics.  Hidden Bay is open M-F 8am-4:30pm.


RLPOA is excited to offer our property owners an online store.  When you purchase RLPOA logo items, you help us in two ways: 


1) When you wear our items, you are a walking billboard. We’d love to grow our membership numbers this year and we need your help in sharing information about RLPOA with your neighbors who may not be members.  We also have a “Friend of the Lake” category for family and friends who are not Round Lakes owners. Email Carol at for details. 

2)  In addition, Hidden Bay will be donating $2 per item to RLPOA.

Please help us get the word out about our online store by forwarding this email today to your family, friends and neighbors.


One last “plug” – the 2021 membership dues of $35/calendar year is due at this time (and AIS donations are always welcome).  Check the address label on your newsletter to see your expiration date. 


Thank you, Carol K – Membership Volunteer. 





Q:  When does the store close?   

A:  11:59pm Central Time on Friday, Nov. 5. 


Q:  What’s new for this store? 

A:  We added full zip sweatshirts, soft shell jackets, vests, denim shirts, thermal long sleeve shirts, knit winter hats, a flexfit baseball cap and a blanket.   Based on what was ordered in the spring, we kept tshirts, sweatshirts, ¼ zips, long-sleeve shirts and baseball caps.   We still have a few items in children sizes.  New for the Fall, we added a few items in Tall sizes.  


Q: I do not see the color I like (and / or the size I want).  Can we select from other colors (or sizes)?

A: No, we are limited to the color and sizes that are included on the store. 


Q:  Can I have the logo printed in green?

A: In line with our logo standards, our logo colors are specific shades of blue or gray.  Furthermore, to ease production efforts, only the color of the logo as it shown on the online store is available.


Q: If my clothes do not fit, can I return?

A: No.  Order carefully (watch for Youth, Unisex, Tall and Ladies on the description).  See Size Charts included with most items.  Since there are NO RETURNS, size up, if between sizes.  


Q:  I see the store is only until Nov. 5.  Why is that?

A:  There are several reasons.  1) Since we are not maintaining an inventory, Hidden Bay will order the merchandise once the store closes.  2) To offer us the best possible pricing, Hidden Bay accumulates all the orders for RLPOA and produces them at the same time.  3) We hope to get all orders out in time for the holidays.    


Q:  I see orders will start to be available for pickup or shipped on December 1.  What’s the latest they will be shipped?

A: While orders will start to go out on December 1, our hope is to have all items shipped or ready for pickup by Dec. 8, however, that assumes Hidden Bay is able to successfully source the selected items.   If there are delays beyond Dec.8, Hidden Bay will be in contact with you.  Also, in the event of a nationwide shortage in the supply chain, Hidden Bay reserves the right to substitute another brand of equal or greater value.