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Navigational Markers Deployed

Published on 5/28/2018

The navigational aid buoys are now fully deployed on Round Lake.  These buoys include solar lighted channel markers at Richardson Bay, channel markers at the entrances to Hinton Bay and Schoolhouse Bay, hazard marker buoys at Hinton Bay Bar and Schoolhouse Bay Bar, and No Wake channel markers at Hinton Bay and northwest of the island in Leder Bay.


These buoys are purchased, maintained, and placed by RLPOA.  We ask for your cooperation in observing the restrictions imposed by these markers to ensure the safety of all those using the lake.


In addition, we ask for your help in protecting these buoys.  The buoys are susceptible to damage which degrades their effectiveness.  Do not run into or over the buoys.  Do not tie up to any buoy.  Do not swim within 200-feet of any buoy.  If you observe anyone not respecting, defacing, moving, or damaging in any way the buoy(s), record the date, time, location, and take a picture/video if you are able.  Forward that information to us at