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Round Lake Dam Pre-construction Meeting

Published on 10/30/2019

The pre-construction meeting for the replacement of the Round Lake Dam was held today (October 13, 2019) between Sawyer County and the contractor, Haas Sons, Inc., at the Sawyer County Courthouse. Sawyer County was executing the contract documents prior to the meeting.

Haas Sons has ordered the box culvert from the supplier. As yet there is no firm date for the delivery of the culvert which will come in 4 6-foot pieces plus the wing walls. The current best estimate for the precast culvert pieces from the contractor is the first week of December. Note the original contract required substantial completion by November 1st and final completion by December 1st. The contractor will not start work on the project until they have a firm delivery date for the culvert pieces. The contractor will provide a construction schedule to the county when they have a delivery date on the culvert. Construction is expected to take approximately 5 days; 3 days to remove the timber structure and prepare the bedding for the new culvert and 2 days to set and backfill the new culvert. Anticipating a late start, the final seeding and restoration work will be delayed until next spring.

Maintenance of access and emergency access to parcels located past the dam was discussed but not resolved. The contractor is required to provide the county with a plan for both. The contractor will be contacting all parcel owners individually to discuss their access requirements. It is anticipated that no pedestrian or vehicle crossings will be allowed during construction. The county will review the contractor’s proposal when they receive it and has approval authority.

The full plan set is available Round Lake Dam Final Plans

191030 Round Lake Culvert