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2020 EWM Treatment Update

Jim Nancekivell | Published on 7/22/2020

The Round Lake Property Owners Association, Invasive Species committee has completed most treatment areas identified in our 2020 WDNR permit. Wind and weather conditions presented some challenges this year. In late June we treated 3.5 acres in Little Round which consisted of 5 separate locations.

Most permitted areas of Round Lake have been completed and include two spots in Musky Bay, approximately two to two and a half acres. Blue island bay received treatment on one acre toward the south end of the bay. A half acre in Schoolhouse Bay was treated in early July and two locations in the southwest area of the lake have also received treatments.

Hinton Bay was slated to receive treatment of 10 acres based on extensive growth identified in 2019. The east side of Hinton bay was treated where significant EWM appeared and represented just over 5 acres. These areas were treated with Weedar 64, and a new treatment called ProcellaCOR was used at the northeast corner of the bay. The south end and west side of Hinton did not yield EWM this year as expected, except for a couple of plumes on the northwest side yet to be treated. We will continue to monitor the bay for additional growth and the efficacy of this summer's treatment.

A complete EWM survey on Round and Little Round is planned to take place August 28-30 by our Consultant, Sara Hatleli from Aquatic Plant and Habitat Services LLC.