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What do you think this is?

Jim Kron | Published on 8/31/2020

What do you think this is?

Sara Hatleli, the aquatic plant specialist that does the lake management plans and milfoil surveys for the RLPOA, was asked to identify this photo.  Per Sara “Not to worry, that is a native plant called water celery (Vallisneria americana). I’m assuming you are referring to the plant with leaves that resemble long flat ribbons. Ducks LOVE the stuff”. 

In looking up a bit more about the plant - its also called - wild celery, water-celery, tape grass, or eelgrass.  This plant provides a great eco system for many other species, both as food for prey and as refuge, acting as a nursery for fishery species.  This plant helps to settle the sediment and stabilize shorelines, facilitating food webs, and improving water quality by filtering the surrounding water.

Jim Kron RLPOA Water Safety Chairman