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Hinton Bay Progress

Dave Rutt and Jim Nancekivell | Published on 9/13/2020

Hinton Bay Progress

Overall we have made excellent progress beating back the milfoil throughout the entire Bay.  Here is a summary of treatments to date.

  • August of 2019 we treated the worst spots, NE near Walker Point, SE near the beach, hot spots on the South shore and West shores.  The cost for these treatments was $1,906.
  • June of 2020 we treated NE near Walker Point and along most of the entire East shore down to the beach.  We were surprised that the South and West shores did not have much milfoil growth so we did not treat these areas this year.  It’s possible that the residual effects of the 2019 treatment kept these areas from coming back, we will monitor these areas for possible treatment next year if the milfoil returns in strength.  The June treatment cost was $7,179.

We raised a total of $16,334.35 and have used $9,805, so we have $7,249.45 left to use for future treatments in Hinton Bay.  Our process moving forward is to survey the Bay for post treatment results in late August, then plan for 2021 treatments based on results of that survey.  We treated many other areas in 2020 throughout Round Lakes and that information is available here

Thanks to everyone that contributed for their generosity and support please call or Dave or Jim with questions. 

We are accepting additional donations for future treatments at or you can contact Dave or Jim and write them a check.

Thanks and have a great rest of the summer!

Dave Rutt and Jim Nancekivell  

Dave 612-414-4194

Jim 612-747-9140

This is a summary of what was sent to the Hinton Bay Donars from Dave Rutt and Jim Nancekivell Summer 2020