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How to Make Your Neighborhood Safer for Everyone

Luke Murray | Published on 4/8/2021

How to Make Your Neighborhood Safer for Everyone

Did you know that community involvement is the single best way to prevent crime? As a homeowner, you have more control over the safety of your surrounding neighborhood than you may think. Caring about your neighbors and doing your part to keep everyone safe is key to reducing neighborhood crime and stopping preventable accidents. Here’s how you can do your part in making the Round Lake community a safer place for everyone!


Participate in Your HOA


If you live in a condo, subdivision, or some other kind of shared housing complex, you’re likely a member of a homeowners association (HOA). According to Redfin, an elected HOA board is responsible for organizing repairs, tending to security issues, and enforcing rules, so they have a lot of control over neighborhood safety matters. Consider attending meetings or getting involved in your HOA so you can meet your neighbors, have more influence on community rules, and address important safety issues. If you live near Round Lake, consider joining The Round Lake Property Owners Association so you can get involved in the community!


Get to Know Your Neighbors


Creating a close-knit community among your neighbors is one of the best things you can do to improve safety in your area. The more eyes you have on your community, the better! Make a point of meeting all your neighbors and offering yourself as a resource to anyone who needs a hand. Encourage everyone to get involved in neighborhood safety. Organize a community cleanup effort to pick up garbage, do some landscaping, or take care of an empty lot on your street. You could even create a neighborhood watch group!


Secure Your Own Property


While you work to rally your neighbors, see what you can do to improve safety on your own property. Keep your porch lights on overnight. Install motion-activated lighting along pathways on your property. Invest in a security camera for your front door. Keep your yard maintained and trim back bushes to deter potential burglars from picking your home as a target. Beyond protecting your home, making these updates will improve the overall safety of your neighborhood and might just inspire your neighbors to follow suit.


Keep an Eye Out for Safety Hazards


Another way to improve safety around your home is to keep an eye out for potential hazards. For example, dimly lit crosswalks can be dangerous for people crossing at night. Check for tripping hazards along walking paths and surfaces that may become slippery when it rains. Make sure all of your neighbors are shoveling their sidewalks when it snows to reduce the fall risk to people walking by — EiEiHome recommends consulting your city bylaws to determine who is responsible for sidewalk clearing.


Talk to Your Local and State Officials


If you encounter safety concerns that fall beyond the reach of you and your neighbors, it’s time to consult your local officials. For example, if drivers are speeding in your neighborhood and placing reminder signs in your yard isn’t helping, consider contacting the police and requesting a patrol car to scout out the area. Developing a good relationship with your local law enforcement benefits everyone! When members of the community and the police get along, police work becomes much more effective and citizens feel safer. 


Neighborhood safety should be a top priority for everyone living in your community. If you have safety concerns, you could be the one to step up, take action, and get your neighbors engaged behind your cause. Whether you end up establishing a neighborhood watch program, shoveling snow for a neighbor, or working with the city to put an end to dangerous driving, your actions will have a positive impact on your community and those who live there. 


Do you live in the Round Lake area? Become a member of The Round Lake Property Owners Association today! Check out our website to learn more.