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Round Lake Youth Fishing Event (Fathers Day Weekend 2021)

Kevin Bushnick | Published on 6/4/2021

Round Lake Youth Fishing Event (Father's Day Weekend June 19-20, 2021

To all Round Lakers!

FIRST-THINGS-FIRST - The kids TROPHIES ARE AT ROUND LAKE!!! (photo attached on the deck of Powell's!)

On Father's Day weekend June 19 & 20, the Youth Conservation Alliance (The YCA), the RLPOA, and the Hugh Becker Foundation are sponsoring a youth fishing program on Round Lake for those who would like to take their kids or grandkids out fishing.

This is easy... You can fish as little or as much as you want Saturday through Sunday at 6:00pm when the program wraps up and the trophies get handed out!  That's it. Fish-on, game on.

To REGISTER:  All you need to do is send me a quick email telling me who you are and the names and ages of the kids participating. This program is for kids from zero thru high-school. If you have a 3-year old that likes to fish, help em reel it in, measure it, take a picture, and if the fish is bigger than they are, I will count it and offer up an extra prize!

RELEASE WAIVER (attached): Parents (grandparents or legal guardians) are required to sign the attached 1-page release waiver for valid registration. This waiver includes a photo-release which is important as we end up in newspapers and on TV. You can scan this and email back to me. No need to mail.

START TIME: Any time Saturday, June 19.
END TIME: Sunday 6:00pm June 20.

EVENT WRAP-UP & awards: Sunday night, at Powell's 7:00pm on the patio!
Note: If you want to stay at a distance, stay on your boat - we'll have a PA system as we announce winners. We will get you your well deserved trophy!

WINNERS will receive trophies in 12 fishing categories. We've also added a panfish trophy since there are some whopper bluegills and sunfish in Round Lake.

TROHPY Categories include:
1)  Monster BASS Award 1st Place
2)  BASS Award 2nd Place
3)  BASS Award 3rd Place
4)  Monster CRAPPIE Award 1st Place
5)  CRAPPIE Award 2nd Place
6)  Monster Walleye Award 1st Place
7)  Walleye Award 2nd Place
8)  1st Place Youth Fishing Grand Champion
9)  Northern Pike Award 1st Place
10) Northern Pike Award 2nd Place
11) Panfish Award 1st Place
12) Master Guide Award


A good idea for adults too!  PLEASE make this a priority especially when the boat is underway/under power. 

A PICTURE MUST BE TAKEN of the fish to qualify. Keep your cameras at the ready. Try your best to capture video if you can.  Video is not required but do your best to get some.

A Marine or VHF radio is a recommended way of communicating. We utilize Channel-7. If you have a VHF Radio please bring it and use it. Cell phones are fine but spotty up here.

Live or artificial bait is allowed. Trolling is allowed. No explosives. If you want to hire a guide, go-for-it! 

Wisconsin Fishing License is required for adults:
No need for the kids 15 and under. Participants 16 and older must have a valid Wisconsin fishing license. The DNR, the Game Warden and the Sheriff are often around during our events. Let’s make sure we obey the laws and set an example. Make sure your boat registration and stickers are up to date.

I'm a big fan of healthy competition. But, I don't want to get carried away with event rules so let's throw down some basic guidelines and work within them. Of course, follow the WI Rules & Regs for fishing.

(IMPORTANT) Please LOG the EXACT time you caught your fish. In the event of a tie, the first fish caught wins the tie. The first fish caught becomes the leader and must be beat by at least 1/4 inch. Once a fish is caught, measured and logged, that fish becomes the fish to beat. Therefore, if someone catches a 40-inch Muskie on Saturday at 4:00am, you'll need to catch a 40 & 1/4 afterwards to put yourself in the 1st place position. Again, fish must be at least 1/4 inch larger incrementally to advance your position. Fish must be measured.  (DO NOT weigh your fish as it puts too much stress on them.) The winning fish will be based solely on LENGTH.

FISH HAND-OFF's from a parent or guide ARE acceptable. SO, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles can hook the fish, but the key here, is the child must be the person to bring in the fish. It's a team effort netting and everything else, but to win, the child must bring the fish in.

There is a rules committee (ME) in case something unusual comes up but we generally don't have any issues.

Key items to remember and bring:

> CAMERA.  Video cameras are great too if you have one. Make sure you take pictures of your fish to ensure you are in the running for the trophies! A digital picture and measurement must be taken to qualify. No exceptions.
> Sun screen. Please remember to wear sun-block.

> Bug Spray. The mosquito's are out and it's party time for them!

> Rain gear & hats. (Don't leave home without em)

> Bring your own snacks: Including pop, junk food, jerky, waters, Red-Bull, Mountain Dew, and whatever else you might need to keep you casting all day long.

> MUSKIE GLOVES are extremely important if you plan to touch or handle these fish. Muskies, Northern and Walleye have razor sharp teeth and injuries are common when these fish are caught and handled without protection.

> NO ALCOHOL: These events are youth & family oriented and are considered "alcohol prohibited" programs. We strongly discourage the consumption of alcohol throughout the event and we do this to ensure the safety of everyone, especially the children.

Lastly, I am truly looking forward to seeing everyone and giving the kids this opportunity. I caught my first fish on Round Lake when I was 4 years old. I am now 57. I caught this fish, because my parents showed me how. I've been trying to figure out Round Lake ever since. These events are life-changing experiences and above all else, are a genuine opportunity to get closer to your children. Take advantage of this time together. The kids grow up like  Milfoil.

Thanks and I'll see you soon!!!


Kevin Bushnick
Youth Conservation Alliance
> YCA Founder & Chairman
> Boating & Fishing Safety Instructor
> DNR Hunter Education Instructor
> NRA Range Safety Officer
> U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain
> Field & Stream Hero of Conservation
> President, Round Lake Fishing, LLC
> RLPOA Board Member, Fish & Lake Research
> Emergency Response Task Force Resource,
   National Center For Missing & Exploited Children

Phone: 847.987.3622