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2021 Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Control Update

Jim Nancekivell | Published on 6/25/2021

Attached are our treatment locations and maps for our 2021 AIS control initiative. The herbicide application dates are as follows and correspond to the locations on the attached table.

2021 Round Lake EWM Treatment Tables & Maps


A2O- 6/20/21, B20- 6/20/21, C20 to be treated week of 6/28/21, D20- 6/22/21, G20- 6/23/21, S-19 not being treated this year, T20 6/22/21, U20- 6/22/21, X20 to be treated week of 6/28/21, V20- 6/18/21, W20- 6/18/21.


Due to the unusually warm June temperatures and low water on Round Lakes this spring, milfoil has increased far beyond what we expected based on our lake surveys from last fall, 2020. We applied for a second permit to treat additional milfoil outbreaks in Richardson bay knowing that the July 4 boat traffic will chew-up milfoil beds and spread milfoil fragments throughout the bay and beyond. The Wisconsin DNR and LCO officials denied our request for additional treatment.