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Home Projects You Can DIY

Rob Woods | Published on 8/29/2021

Home Projects You Can DIY (Plus, When You Need the Pros) 


Hoping to knock out some repairs on your lake home? There are a ton of DIY-friendly home renovations you can tackle on your own. Here in Round Lake, we take pride in our homes and the homeowners that make them great. We’ve gathered a list of projects you can DIY, and outlined a few areas of home maintenance that always need a pro. Take a look!


Before You Start 

Go over these resources to get a sense for your DIY skill levels and how to stay safe while tackling projects at home: 


  • Think critically about what kind of time commitment you’re willing to make. 
  • Develop a practical budget for your projects.
  • Remember to stay safe while DIYing by having the right safety gear, like gloves and goggles. You can find an online coupon code for a store like Lowe’s to keep your costs down.


Beginner Projects 

These simple home renovations are a great introduction to DIY home care: 


  • Commit to the health of Round Lake by deterring geese from the area between your property and the lake. Adding a scarecrow or a few reflectors are beginner-friendly DIY projects that will help keep the geese from dropping waste in the lake, protecting all of our residents and visitors.
  • Check out these simple DIY planter tutorials to create your own houseplant display. 
  • Replacing cabinet hardware is a simple, low-cost way to give your kitchen a facelift. 
  • Want to learn how to paint walls, but worried you won’t nail it on the first go? Start with a less visible room, such as an office, to build your skills. 
  • Design and care for your own garden
  • Reach out to the Round Lake Property Owners Association team to make sure your ideas fit our guidelines. 


For The Moderately Handy 

Already have some skills? Here are some more challenging DIYs: 



Hire a Professional 

These repairs are dangerous, complicated, or both: 


  • Lake homes are prone to foundational issues, and while it’s important to make sure yours is in good shape, always let a pro handle the work.
  • Mold is another problem properties near water may deal with. A mold remediation specialist will take care of this issue without putting your family’s health at risk.
  • DIY electrical work can cause electrocution or fire risks
  • Major plumbing is also best left to the pros. If something goes wrong, you can cause expensive (or even unfixable) water damage. 
  • Here are a few more projects that need a professional. 


Whether you DIY or hire a pro, home renovations can help you love your home even more. We hope these resources help you figure out how to turn your property into the home of your dreams. 


Photo Credit: Pexels