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2021 Dark Skies Initiative

Gary J & Ruth M Pauly | Published on 9/14/2021

Hello RLPOA Member,


The Town of Round Lake is seeking input from property owners with regard to a Dark Skies Initiative.  It promotes the idea of minimizing outdoor lighting so the night sky can be viewed in all of its brilliance.  Those of you that live in population dense areas and well aware of light pollution diminishing the night sky.  Don Stover, President of Tiger Cat Flowage contacted me with the following request.  I've just done a cut and paste of his correspondence.

Email text from Don:


The Town's Planning Commission has asked my association for their comments on the "Dark Skies Initiative" (please see the attached information).  I was also asked to send this request to your association's also. Please understand this is only a request for comments and opinions if people want to share them.  I have attached a cover letter and would ask that you use your association's email to get responses.

Don Stover

Cover Letter


Our association along with the other 4 associations in the town have been asked to solicit feedback on the “Dark Skies Initiative” (please see attached document). 

Please note; this is an EXAMPLE from the Town of Perry.

Many townships and counties throughout the state have previously addressed this issue and others are now assessing this initiative as building and remodeling projects are at an all time high.

One of the joys of living and owning property in the Town of Round Lake is our “Northwoods character”.

The Town’s Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) is working to fulfill our goals to protect and enhance the Town’s natural character, one of which is our dark skies. Scientific evidence suggests light pollution has a negative effect on many birds, mammals and plants.

Please take a moment to look over the information below.  Any questions, comments and input would be much appreciated and can be emailed to the Association at;

Your input will be forwarded to the Town’s Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC).  There is no proposed ordinance at this time (if ever) the town is just trying to see how people feel about this issue.

Thank you,


Dan Kollodge

RLPOA President