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2022 Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) Treatment Update

Jim Nancekivell | Published on 8/20/2022

EWM Treatment 2022 Update

Jim Nancekivell, Board member, co-chair Invasive Species Committee 


The RLPOA completed treatments for Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) on July 6th which started on June 22nd. Our lake survey from 2021 for Round and Little Round Lakes identified 34 EWM sights that were .15 acres or greater which is our trigger size to be considered for treatment (.15 acres is 6,534 square feet). Total EWM sights identified during our 2021 survey totaled 76 locations in Round and Little Round Lakes totaling 13.37 surface acres of milfoil. To put this into perspective we had 31.96 acres in 2018, 16.9 acres in 2019 and 4.99 acres in 2020. 


It’s important to note that treatment of EWM has some impact on control of this invasive weed but other natural and man-made influences such as climate change, watercraft use, and natural water conditions can impact the volume of milfoil found in our lakes from year to year.


In 2022 we applied to the WDNR to treat 20 sights for chemical control in Round Lake that represented 8.68 acres. The DNR refused to allow us to treat three of the 20 sites, bringing our treatment area down to 7.79 acres. Treatment areas included nine locations in Richardson’s Bay, Schoolhouse Bay, part of the NW Shore of Linden Road, the South end of Hinton Bay, Musky Bay, and the Placid Lake Inlet. At this time, we see favorable results at most treatment sites and will continue to monitor these locations. 


In Little Round Lake we contracted for two days of DASH (diver assisted suction harvesting) where EWM was removed from one of seven locations representing .24 acres and 241 cubic feet of material. Our 2022 full lake survey will take place in September.