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2023 Ice-out - Asking for Info

Ruth M Pauly | Published on 5/2/2023
2023 Ice-out - Asking for Info

This was my first year finally having a place up here and getting to see all the snow finally melt and the ice start to come off the lake.  Yesterday was particiualry interesting with all the wind and warm water causing large chunks to float past my place.

Makes me wonder - has anyone been tracking the "Ice out" in front of their property?

I would love to have a new page where we post photos and have info on when the ice breaks up in fromt of your part of the lake.

Has anyone been tracking it?

If you have info - I'll try to compile it - so please provide:

Name of Bay, Year, Date of "Ice Out" for your bay, any other comments you have would also be helpful.

Submit your info to the RLPOA Webmaster - Ruth Pauly @

Thanks!  Ruth

Open Water now in Leder Bay 2023-05-02 Morning View

View of Leder Bay only a few Days Prior on 2023-04-30

Felt like the snow would never melt - view on 2024-04-23