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2021 Amazon Smiles

Marty Hanson | Published on 7/20/2021

Round Lake Property Owners now Part of Amazon Smile


Dear RLPOA Member:

Round Lake Property Owners Association (RPLOA) is now a participant in the Amazon Smile program.

What is Amazon Smile—it is a program where Amazon shoppers can designate a charitable organization where Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the designed charitable organization—at no extra cost to the shopper!

How do I sign up—it is easy! You can associate a charitable organization with your account, or you can use a special link to login to your Amazon Account or you can setup an app on your portable device. Only takes a minute or two.


  1. Log into your Amazon Account using this
  2. Follow the prompts to log into your account
  3. When you get to the screen to select a charitable organization, type in the search box: Round Lake Property Owners Assn Inc. You should see us pop up; check the location is Hayward, WI then select us.
  4. For all your Amazon purchases use OR our customRLPOA Amazon Smilelink OR look for the customized link on our home
  5. If you don’t sign on to your account through these paths, we do not get the donation; so be sure you log into you account through one of the Amazon Smile paths.
  6. Remember the donation does not increase what you pay for your item(s).


  1. Use this linkAmazon Smile on Portable Deviceto learn how to download the iOS or Android Amazon Smile app and setup your Smile charity on your device.

Proceeds donated by Amazon from yourpurchaseswill be used forvariousRLPOAactivitiessuch asAquaticInvasiveSpeciescontrol, water safety (buoys), clean water, fisheries, and other projects consistent with our mission.

If you have any questions, or have trouble setting up your Amazonaccount with Amazon Smileand RPOA you can contact our treasurer There are also numerous YouTube videosavailablethat demonstrate how to sign up for the Amazon Smile program.
Martin Hanson
Treasurer RLPOA