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2022 Attention Users of the Lake

Gary J & Ruth M Pauly | Published on 8/11/2022
One of our members sent an Email stating that while boating over Dugan's Bar this past week their propeller impacted with two obstructions in close proximity to each other.  Dugan's bar is located in the North East section of the lake and identified on Round Lake, lake maps.  The member didn't know if they struck bottom or some other obstruction.  Unfortunately, they were not able to provide more detailed location information.  Therefore, I can't be more helpful.

The current water level is not low for this time of year and is only about 6-inches lower than the spring high water mark.  Therefore, striking something in the lake that is not currently marked with a hazard buoy should be extremely rare.  If anyone knows of a location(s) on Dugan's Bar or other locations in the lake that pose a navigation hazard please contact the Association so that it can be investigated and addressed appropriately.  Don Westereng is the water safety chair.  He can be contacted at  Or send a note to


This is also a reminder that even on a lake as well traveled a Round Lake there can be unknown hazards.  Please keep safety in mind at all times when enjoying the lake.